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Tuned Percussion

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Table Top Steel Pan

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Wak-A-Tubes Class Pack

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Musical Instruments Carpet

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Bass Chromatic Xylophone

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Fully Chromatic Alto Glockenspiel

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Fully Chromatic Xylophone

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Soprano Chromatic Xylophone

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Tuned Percussion

Percussion instruments are the perfect way for your children to explore rhythm, beats and timings.  Tuned percussion takes this a step further by adding in tuned instruments.  In addition to your children feeling the beat, they are encouraged to hear how sounds interact.  They can create their own music with our range of tuned instruments.

Children can work as part of a team with this range of tuned percussion instruments each contributing to creating a masterpiece in their own way!

The joy of making music is that there is no right or wrong tune. They will feel a sense of freedom as they engage their musical creativity to compose a symphony either in solo or with a group.  Whatever notes the children choose to put together they ultimately learn to work as a team, building cooperation, sharing, compromise, skills and concentration.

These are without a doubt valuable lessons for navigating their way through school and also later in life.