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Exam Desks

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Exam Desk

Product Code: FT14252
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Exam Desk Trolley

Product Code: FT14253
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Curved Study Carrel with Cantilever Legs

Product Code: FT14320
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KubbyClass Double Wave Carrel

Product Code: FT55033
£269.00 Ex. VAT £322.80 Inc. VAT

KubbyClass Single Wave Carrel

Product Code: FT55032
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Square Study Carrel with Straight Legs

Product Code: FT14321
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Zlite Fan Back Folding Chairs and Trolley – Pack 40

Product Code: FS73005
£995.95 Ex. VAT £1,195.14 Inc. VAT

Z Lite Fan Back Chairs & Trolley – Pack 60

Product Code: FS73006
£1,489.95 Ex. VAT £1,787.94 Inc. VAT

Exam Desks

Any school or college will know the importance of exam desks.  They provide a space for your students to prove their knowledge and demonstrate their skills.

Our high-quality folding desks are reliable, sturdy and prevent distraction in exam conditions.  This is imperative to ensure that your children can concentrate and do their best.  These tables are perfect for end of year exams, SATs, GCSE or A Level examinations.  They are both versatile and durable and can be used across a range of year groups.

Temporary desks are generally only required on few occasions during the academic year.  Our Cambridge exam desks fold neatly for ease of storage.  You can purchase them individually or in money saving packs.  In addition, we also have a mobile exam desk trolley which can hold up to 25 desks when folded.  This means that you can easily keep your folding tables together and move them between spaces when necessary.

We also have a range of folding chairs which are the perfect accompaniment to provide a comfortable seat for your students during test periods.

Our carrel desks are a more permanent working space which have sides to create a private zone.  These are not only the ideal solution for tests, but also perfect for when children need to have a little space within the school to concentrate without distraction.

When you provide your children with the optimum conditions, they are truly able to fulfil their potential.  This, without a doubt, starts with the ideal workspace.