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Developmental Toys

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Aeroplane Activity Panel Set

Product Code: QT34085
£145.95 Ex. VAT £175.14 Inc. VAT

Animal Wall Panels – Set of 3

Product Code: QT34086
£99.95 Ex. VAT £119.94 Inc. VAT

Colour Discovery Boxes

Product Code: NT19060
£89.95 Ex. VAT £107.94 Inc. VAT

Giant Pegs and Pegboard Set

Product Code: CM34067
£59.95 Ex. VAT £71.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Bricks – Giant

Product Code: EX34047
£109.95 Ex. VAT £131.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow River Stones – Set 6

Product Code: SA19221
£109.95 Ex. VAT £131.94 Inc. VAT

Tactile Discs

Product Code: SA41298
£114.95 Ex. VAT £137.94 Inc. VAT

Tactile Path – Curve and Straight Set

Product Code: SA19216
£159.95 Ex. VAT £191.94 Inc. VAT

Thread Heads

Product Code: QE27049
£115.95 Ex. VAT £139.14 Inc. VAT

Tubie – Floor Model

Product Code: NM27001
£115.95 Ex. VAT £139.14 Inc. VAT

Tubie – Hand

Product Code: NM27003
From: £47.95 Ex. VAT From: £57.54 Inc. VAT

Tubie Tall

Product Code: NM27002
£127.95 Ex. VAT £153.54 Inc. VAT

Wavy Tactile Path – Set of 8

Product Code: SA19222
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

What's Inside Feely Box

Product Code: NT19061
£74.95 Ex. VAT £89.94 Inc. VAT

Developmental toys allow children to explore and develop a variety of senses, helping them to make sense of the world in which they live. Tubie toys allow children to watch coloured balls as the balls move through the opaque tubes. These kinds of toy are ideal for developing hand to eye coordination and gross motor skills. Other toys such as the shapes discovery boxes and the colour discovery boxes allow children to recognise shapes and colours, helping and supporting visual awareness. Developmental toys allow children to understand basic concepts such as movement and sorting at their own pace, in their own time.  


This selection of toys is an essential selection of development toys for any classroom or nursery.