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Developmental Toys

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Caterpillar Activity Wall Panels

Product Code: NM34033
£179.95 Ex. VAT £215.94 Inc. VAT

Crocodile Activity Walker

Product Code: NM34041
£89.99 Ex. VAT £107.99 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Activity Wall Panels

Product Code: NM34034
£179.95 Ex. VAT £215.94 Inc. VAT

Aeroplane Activity Panel Set

Product Code: QT34085
£169.95 Ex. VAT £203.94 Inc. VAT

Animal Wall Panels – Set of 3

Product Code: QT34086
£119.95 Ex. VAT £143.94 Inc. VAT

Colour Discovery Boxes

Product Code: NT19060
£115.95 Ex. VAT £139.14 Inc. VAT

Crocodile Wall Game

Product Code: NM34032
£169.95 Ex. VAT £203.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Bricks

Product Code: EX34047
£145.95 Ex. VAT £175.14 Inc. VAT

Rainbow River Stones – Set of 6

Product Code: SA19221
£159.95 Ex. VAT £191.94 Inc. VAT

Tactile Path – Curve and Straight

Product Code: SA19216
£259.95 Ex. VAT £311.94 Inc. VAT

Tubie Floor Model

Product Code: NM27001
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

Hand Held Tubie

Product Code: NM27003
£55.00 Ex. VAT £66.00 Inc. VAT

Tubie Tall

Product Code: NM27002
£159.95 Ex. VAT £191.94 Inc. VAT

Wavy Tactile Path

Product Code: SA19222
£249.95 Ex. VAT £299.94 Inc. VAT

What’s Inside Feely Box

Product Code: NT19061
£95.95 Ex. VAT £115.14 Inc. VAT

Developmental Toys

Developmental toys allow children to explore and develop a variety of senses which results in helping them make sense of the world in which they live.

The huge benefits of developmental toys

  • develop collaborative play because children share ideas and thoughts
  • improves communication and language skills
  • aids fine motor and gross motor skills
  • helps with problem solving
  • makes science and maths fun
  • support cooperative play
  • inspires creativity and imagination

Learning through play

A range of essential toys because they stimulate the development of young children.  Children drop coloured balls into the Tubies and watch as they fall to the bottom. These kinds of toy are ideal for developing hand to eye coordination and gross motor skills. Other toys such as the shapes discovery boxes and the colour discovery boxes allow children to recognise shapes and colours which in turn supports visual awareness. Developmental toys allow children to understand basic concepts such as movement and sorting at their own pace and in their own time.

Group Activities

As the school children immerse themselves in such play’s delights, group activities can help them develop confidence. The teacher can make up some fun small group activities. Build a castle with the rainbow bricks as teams, balance on the way path or thread the thread heads. Communication as a team is key.

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