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Construction Toys

Construction Toys

Inspire children to get creative with this superb range of construction toys. We have everything from foam blocks for little ones through to hollow blocks. Encourage quiet play or even noisy play as the blocks and bricks crash and fall to the ground.

The many benefits of construction toys

  • allow children to work together problem solving
  • benefits collaborative and cooperative play
  • develops fine motor and gross motor skills
  • promotes creativity and imagination
  • improves hand to eye coordination
  • allow children to think through solutions to problems

Through play children learn all manner of different skills. Gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills are both developed and refined when using construction toys. Whether children balance small objects or huge big ones they are developing a skill specific to the size of the object. Hand to eye coordination is also a skill refined during construction toy play.

Science also plays a part. Gear sets are ideal for older children who are taking their first steps into science and how things work.  As children balance the bricks and blocks they understand about gravity and how that works. Children examine their bricks as they are stacked and squeal and shout as they tumble. They learn shapes and sizes. How heavy something weighs and what shape supports another are all key learning’s children receive during play.

Even a very young child playing with popoids is developing dexterity and nimble fingers. Playing with construction toys also helps children develop creativity and confidence because they see their structures grow.

This is an extensive range of construction toys so take your time looking at the products.  We are able to offer help and advice so if you are struggling to find what you are looking so feel free to contact us.