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Leatherette Bean Bags & Cushions

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Primary Beanbag Seat

Product Code: XB88003
£95.95 Ex. VAT £115.14 Inc. VAT

Primary Beanbag Slab – Faux Leather

Product Code: XB88002
£99.95 Ex. VAT £119.94 Inc. VAT

Primary Beanbag Square – Leatherette

Product Code: XB88004
£84.95 Ex. VAT £101.94 Inc. VAT

Primary Beanbag Stool – Leatherette

Product Code: XB88006
£47.95 Ex. VAT £57.54 Inc. VAT

Primary Leatherette Beanbag Chair

Product Code: XB88001
£89.95 Ex. VAT £107.94 Inc. VAT

Primary Bean Bag Stool

Product Code: XB88007
From: £65.95 Ex. VAT From: £79.14 Inc. VAT

Primary Bean Bag Circle

Product Code: XB88005
From: £85.95 Ex. VAT From: £103.14 Inc. VAT

Leatherette Bean Bags & Cushions

Our Leatherette Bean Bags & Cushions take comfort to new heights. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK this range is soft, comfy, robust and above all safe.

Manufactured from faux leather which is tested to CRIB 5 (Ignition Source 5). Essentially having furniture that’s CRIB 5 compliant means that this range of soft furnishings have passed UK Fire Regulations. This doesn’t mean they are completely fireproof but it greatly reduces the risk of ignition.

Additionally, these Leatherette Bean Bags & Cushions are:

  • water resistant
  • both tear and puncture proof
  • easy to clean because you simply wipe them down
  • available in a choice of sizes and designs

This range if ideally suited for places including for example classrooms, libraries, or common rooms. They are modular in design and as a result they can be thrown down anywhere to create a pop up seating solution.

Ideal for configuring to any space you have as well as creating an immediate seating area. They make efficient and effective use of any space you have.

Children love these Leatherette Bean Bags & Cushions because they mould to the contours of their shape. This makes them both comfortable as well as secure. Children choose their favourite colour, pick it up and throw it into their preferred space. When children feel supported and comfortable they engage more effectively in lessons or story time. So this range of bean bags and cushions is an ideal choice for your educational setting.