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Ball Pools

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Baby Ball Pool

Product Code: NS25227
From: £329.95 Ex. VAT From: £395.94 Inc. VAT

Large Ball Pool with Cover

Product Code: NS25057
£1,699.95 Ex. VAT £2,039.94 Inc. VAT

Multi Purpose Ball Pool

Product Code: NS25171
£499.95 Ex. VAT £599.94 Inc. VAT

Toddler Ball Pool & Cover

Product Code: NS25058
£429.95 Ex. VAT £635.94 £515.94 Inc. VAT

Ball Pools

Ball pools provide a superb place for children to have fun either on their own or with friends. They also provide the ideal environment for children to lie back and relax in the balls.  This can provide the feeling of floating on air if there are enough balls to support their weight. They have amazing therapeutic properties for all children, but especially children with special educational needs.

They provide a safe multi-sensory environment allowing children to not only play but explore the properties of the balls.  The myriad of coloured balls look inviting and encourage all children, regardless of ability to sink into the balls and have fun.

These pools also provide an environment where children can let off steam. They can play with the balls inside the pool, learning throwing and catching techniques with their friends. Alternatively, they can be great places for children to unwind and relax from the stresses of the day.

The pools in our range have soft sides and lids to keep the balls contained after use. We have both a larger and smaller toddler pool for less children or if space is limited.

Children’s ball pools have many different uses and can help children of all ages in many different ways. Such a versatile piece of equipment can greatly enhance the well-being of a child.