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Z Beds

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Large Corner Sofa Bed

Product Code: FB28047
£349.95 Ex. VAT £419.94 Inc. VAT

Reading Seat – Set 1

Product Code: FB28030
£60.00 Ex. VAT £72.00 Inc. VAT

Reading Seat – Set 2

Product Code: FB28031
£115.00 Ex. VAT £138.00 Inc. VAT

Reading Seat – Set 3

Product Code: FB28032
£160.00 Ex. VAT £192.00 Inc. VAT

Z Beds

Our Z Beds provide versatile seating that can also be used as a rest or sleep area when required.  They are perfect for nurseries and quiet areas.  You can quickly and easily fold out the cushions to create a bed.  Your children can use the space to rest, nap or simply relax when they need to recharge.  Not only are these space saving items but the speed at which you can change use also saves time.  When folded up they provide the perfect place to sit and read or play in comfort.

These Z Beds are perfect for use in both a school and also domestic setting.  They are the ideal addition to a spare bedroom for occasional use or even a child’s bedroom for seating.  The different sizes available mean that you can choose the exact item for your requirements.

A well rested child is a child who learns well.  Should your children need to regroup, this is the perfect solution.  They also work well in sensory areas to provide comfortable seating with the option of pulling out into a rest zone.