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Welly Racks

Welly racks are the most effective way to stop muddy boots from entering the classroom. Create a clear path to your classroom entrance with our Welly Rack Storage Systems.

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Wooden Mobile Welly Rack

Product Code: FC46010
£299.95 Ex. VAT £359.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Welly Trolley with Roof

Product Code: FO31032
£430.00 Ex. VAT £516.00 Inc. VAT

Duke Outdoor Welly Rack

Product Code: FG13177
£269.95 Ex. VAT £323.94 Inc. VAT

Large Welly Rack – 36 Boot

Product Code: FG19190
£239.95 Ex. VAT £287.94 Inc. VAT

Compact Mobile Welly Rack

Product Code: FH19187
£125.95 Ex. VAT £151.14 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Welly Trolley – 24 Pairs

Product Code: FH45162
£299.95 Ex. VAT £359.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Wooden Welly Rack

Product Code: FO18435
£569.95 Ex. VAT £683.94 Inc. VAT

Wall Mounted Welly Rack

Product Code: FH63071
£85.95 Ex. VAT £103.14 Inc. VAT

Welly Boot / Coat Storage Unit

Product Code: FH19089
£279.95 Ex. VAT £335.94 Inc. VAT

Welly Rack – 30 Pairs

Product Code: FH19090
£339.95 Ex. VAT £407.94 Inc. VAT

Keeping your classrooms free from muddy boots is simple with a welly boot storage system. Minimising clutter and keeping the flooring free of potential tripping hazards, our specialised storage racks for your children’s wellies will bring harmony to your teaching rooms.

Upside down Welly Boot Storage

Many schools and nurseries prefer to use upside down welly boot storage racks and trolleys. These racks are specially designed at height for children to easily reach and away their own boots. The upside down storage is also effective at keeping the inside of the boots dry.

Many of the racks in our range are mobile. This allows them to be moved easily around the school or nursery. Some can even be used outside.

Wall mounted welly boot storage

Wall mounted welly racks are a simply space saver for any classroom setup. By affixing the rack at an appropriate child-level height to the wall, the children will be able to easily store away their own boots and collect them when it is time to go back outside.

Welly racks are part of our Cloakroom Furniture range.