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Sand & Water Play Accessories

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100 Piece Sand & Water Set

Product Code: EW19044
£159.95 Ex. VAT £191.94 Inc. VAT

Fresca Water Play Matting

Product Code: EW25172
From: £53.95 Ex. VAT From: £64.74 Inc. VAT

Hexagonal Outdoor Sorting Trays – Set of 8

Product Code: EW56008
£349.95 Ex. VAT £419.94 Inc. VAT


Product Code: EW19168
£54.95 Ex. VAT £65.94 Inc. VAT

Mobile Sink Unit

Product Code: EW19176
£179.95 Ex. VAT £215.94 Inc. VAT

Sand and Water Play Set in Giant Tub

Product Code: EW19163
£109.95 Ex. VAT £131.94 Inc. VAT

Sand Moulds – Bulk Pack 48

Product Code: EW12140
£35.95 Ex. VAT £43.14 Inc. VAT

Sand and Water Play Set – 66 Piece

Product Code: EW19164
£109.95 Ex. VAT £131.94 Inc. VAT

Sift And Find Alphabet Shells

Product Code: EW19041
£55.95 Ex. VAT £67.14 Inc. VAT

Sift And Find Number Shells

Product Code: EW19042
£45.95 Ex. VAT £55.14 Inc. VAT

Water Play Activity Rack

Product Code: EW34038
£89.95 Ex. VAT £107.94 Inc. VAT

Water Play Kit

Product Code: EW19043
£139.95 Ex. VAT £167.94 Inc. VAT

Sand and Water Play Accessories

We have a vast range of sand and water play accessories.  Sand and water messy play is an integral part of learning in any nursery or primary setting.  Children love to investigate how water flows and moves.  They can spend hours building sandcastles without realizing they are conducting an experiment in the properties of sand.

Our accessories present your children with endless amounts of fun.  We have items that will help them pour, sieve and even spray water!  Our various moulds allow them to create a landscape from their imagination.  Your children can play hide and seek in the sand with many of our resoures finding treasure with their friends.  We even have sorting trays for your children to place the treasure they have discovered.

Your children will be honing and improving their gross and fine motor skills as they accurately pour the sand into the sieve.  In addition, they are also engaging their hand-eye coordination.  These small movements all add up to a stronger base when it comes to honing a pencil grip in the classroom.

These accessories are a fabulous addition to compliment our sand and water play range.  They will undoubtedly provide countless learning opportunities and enjoyment.  Moreover, they are all durable and will stand the test of many little hands using them.