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Outdoor Cushions

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2m Outdoor Mat

Product Code: FB28013
£139.95 Ex. VAT £167.94 Inc. VAT

Large Outdoor Mat –

Product Code: FB28014
£129.95 Ex. VAT £155.94 Inc. VAT

Large Outdoor Quilted Cushion

Product Code: FB28083
£119.95 Ex. VAT £143.94 Inc. VAT

Medium Outdoor Quilted Cushion

Product Code: FB28084
£95.95 Ex. VAT £115.14 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Waterproof Cushions

Product Code: FB28016
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

Quilted Sit Upons

Product Code: FB28054
From: £85.95 Ex. VAT From: £103.14 Inc. VAT

Rectangular Quilted Cushions – Set of 10

Product Code: FB28096
£145.95 Ex. VAT £175.14 Inc. VAT

Small Outdoor Quilted Cushions – Set of 5

Product Code: FB28085
£154.95 Ex. VAT £185.94 Inc. VAT

Quilted outdoor cushions

Product Code: FB28097
£145.95 Ex. VAT £175.14 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Cushions

Our range of Outdoor Cushions is the perfect way to take your learning outside.  Children love to work outside.  A fresh environment sparks interest and to have your children learning in the fresh air on a warm day is a joy.

This diverse range features everything from outdoor mats to individual outdoor cushions.  We even have individual quilted outdoor mats for the height of luxury!  When your children have a comfortable spot they are inclined to be more engaged and open to learning.  Moreover, these cushions protect them from the ground and any dirt particles.  Should you cushions require, you can wipe them clean to remove any nature.

You can use these cushions for a myriad of activities.  They are wonderful for intervention or breakout groups.  Maye you will use them for whole class story time?  However you choose to use your cushions outside, your children are certain to benefit from the comfort they provide.

These outdoor classroom cushions are sure to be a hit with your youngsters as they enjoy their lessons outside and enjoy a change of scenery.