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Agility Tables

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ActivBar Box

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Agility Tables

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Agility Tables – OFFER

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Lita Table

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Lita Tables – Set of 4 – OFFER

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Agility Tables

Physical activity in children is imperative and forms an important part of the school curriculum.  Our agility tables support your efforts to create a safe and secure environment for your children to safely climb under supervision.  Not only does movement support a child’s physical development but also contributes to a positive state of mind.  As your children learn to conquer each table and move to a higher level, their self-confidence will soar.

We have a wide range of agility tables available, from traditional wooden to a more modern metal frame.  We can supply both individual tables or sets that stack neatly underneath each other.  Our tables are neat, sturdy and you can store them tidily when not in use.  We even have tables that suit children as young as 3 years old with the ActivBar Box.  Our Lita tables are a more unusual shape and have a 5 sided platform.  Our regular Agilty Tables are a more traditional rectangular shape.

Many tables can be combined and linked with other apparatus to form a set but all can be used as stand alone items.

Whichever utility table you choose, we know you will enjoy the success and pride in your children as they achieve their goals.