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Cushion Trolley Sets

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Emotions Donut Cushion Trolley with 12 Cushions

Product Code: XV16108
£219.95 Ex. VAT £263.94 Inc. VAT

Donut Multi Seat Trolley with 12 Cushions

Product Code: XV16106
£215.95 Ex. VAT £259.14 Inc. VAT

Donut Cushion Trolley – 24 Cushions

Product Code: XV16107
£359.95 Ex. VAT £431.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Donut Cushions – Pk 32

Product Code: XT16319
From: £145.95 Ex. VAT From: £175.14 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Square Cushions with Trolley

Product Code: XT16320
£259.95 Ex. VAT £311.94 Inc. VAT

Cushion Trolley Sets

These cushion trolley sets are perfect for the classroom or nursery because they combine cushions and storage together.

Teaching children good housekeeping habits is an important life skill. Plus good housekeeping minimises slips, trips and falls. These cushion trolleys combine safe storage as well as comfortable seating options for children.

Benefits of cushions trolley sets

  • provide comfortable seating as well as storage solutions
  • choice of shapes and designs
  • support curriculum based subjects
  • aid learning in a fun and interesting way
  • various pack sizes

Sometimes children are encouraged away from their desks and onto the floor to continue their learning there. A teacher may want the group to be less formal because this aids relaxation and group participation. Whilst seated, children learn, work and play. The cushions included within these sets aid learning because many are based on and around curriculum based subjects.

Having somewhere to protect and store these important learning tools is vital. That’s where the cushion trolley comes in. The benefit of this range is that you know the cushions will fit the trolley because they are sold as a set. Providing comfortable seating with learning resources and storage – all in one.

Need something different?

Why not take a look at our wide range of cushions packs. It features various classroom cushions which are great for inspiring conversations.