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Cushion Packs

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Ladybird Counting Cushions

Product Code: FB16230
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Shaped Cushions with Holdall

Product Code: FR16008
£139.95 Ex. VAT £167.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Square Cushions with Holdall

Product Code: FR16009
£145.95 Ex. VAT £175.14 Inc. VAT

Air Themed Cushion Set – Pk of 4

Product Code: FR25201
£79.95 Ex. VAT £95.94 Inc. VAT

Animal Furry Cushions

Product Code: FB20118
£89.95 Ex. VAT £107.94 Inc. VAT

B&W Cushion Set – Pk of 4

Product Code: FB25202
£79.95 Ex. VAT £95.94 Inc. VAT

Back to Nature Story Cushions – Pk 8

Product Code: XB16229
£89.95 Ex. VAT £107.94 Inc. VAT

Fire Cushion Set – Pk of 4

Product Code: FB25198
£79.95 Ex. VAT £95.94 Inc. VAT

Folding Indoor/Outdoor Mats – Pk 10

Product Code: FR16516
£49.95 Ex. VAT £79.14 £59.94 Inc. VAT

Foam Seating Crates – Pk of 4

Product Code: FR25196
£135.95 Ex. VAT £163.14 Inc. VAT

Giant Cord Cushions – Set of 4

Product Code: FB25075
£159.95 Ex. VAT £191.94 Inc. VAT

Happy Cushions Pack

Product Code: FB28059
£199.95 Ex. VAT £239.94 Inc. VAT

Indoor Floor Cushions – Set of 15

Product Code: FB28053
£154.95 Ex. VAT £185.94 Inc. VAT

Indoor/Outdoor Cushions

Product Code: FB28044
From: £29.95 Ex. VAT From: £35.94 Inc. VAT

Large Story Cushions – Pk 10

Product Code: FB16499
£159.95 Ex. VAT £191.94 Inc. VAT

Monty Python

Product Code: FB20165
£89.95 Ex. VAT £107.94 Inc. VAT

Natural Cushion Set – Pk of 4

Product Code: FB25199
£79.95 Ex. VAT £95.94 Inc. VAT

Occupations Cushions – Pack of 6

Product Code: FR50109
£69.95 Ex. VAT £83.94 Inc. VAT

Cushion Packs

Our cushion packs are part of our great soft seating range which are ideal for the reading corner or quiet corner activities. Cushions bring a more relaxed feel to an area of the classroom or nursery. For example, during a break from structured learning children can snuggle down with their favourite toy or book.

Cushions pack benefits:

  • packs provide seating for multiple children
  • bright and colourful designs
  • many provide additional learning aids
  • various shapes, sizes and designs to choose from
  • provide comfortable seating
  • ideal for areas such as the library or quiet zone

More than just a cushion

Our packs of school and nursery cushions are perfect for providing comfortable, fun and educational seating to a group of children. Sometimes children need to move away from their desks. As a teacher holds up a European Flag cushion for example, from the pack children are learning in a fun and dynamic way. At the same time they are seated comfortably which aids their learning.

This range is diverse in its designs.  All of the classroom cushion packs are brimming with comfortable cushions and perfect for story time.   In addition, this range of cushions packs provide exceptional value for money.

Looking for something different?

Why not take a look at our range of Cushion Trolley Sets. In this range you will find a wide choice of designs with the added benefit that the storage trolley is included. Great for when space is limited and teaches children good housekeeping habits by having somewhere to put the cushions when they are not being used.

If you require different size packs or different fabrics please give us a call to discuss.