Room Scenes Range

Room Scenes Range – Versatile and Durable This RS (Room Scenes) range comprises over 20 storage and imaginative play units that help inspire role play as well as creating clearly defined areas within the classroom or nursery setting. Following the successful launch in 2015 this hugely popular range has been further extended with new individual […]

Role Play Toys – What shall I be today?

Learning through imaginary play has long been recognised as a crucially important component of child development. As far back as the 1890s American psychologist and educator, Granville Stanley Hall focused on childhood development with his Child Study Movement. This initiated an interest in the developmental, mental and behavioural world of babies and children through role […]

Nursery Room Dividers – Maximise Your Space

A nursery provides children with a wonderful environment in which to spend their earliest formative years. Yet it can be a demanding place for the staff, as they juggle the space available to accommodate children of different age groups, doing different activities and with varying needs. This is where nursery room dividers provide an effective […]