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Using floor rugs as sensory aids in the classrooms

Over the past decade, more knowledge has come to light on how educators can greater help children with sensory processing disorders. Such development in SPD education not only helps the children to grow and learn within their childcare or educational environment; it also aids the teacher to understand their class better. Sensory aids are of… Continue Reading 🢂

Nursery sand and water play
Whether for the nursery children or in early years primary school, Sand and Water Play at School offers far more than just fun. It's easy to simply dismiss it as playtime but it has tremendous value in childhood education. This article explores the benefits of Sand and Water Play at School and how the children... Continue Reading 🢂
Occupations Carpet depicting people who help us

People at Work Children are often fascinated watching people at work. Whether it is a plumber fixing a leaky tap, a mechanic working hard under the bonnet of a car or a policeman or woman on patrol, children enjoy observing those around them. Our exclusive range of Occupations based products, feature a wide range of… Continue Reading 🢂

Role Play Panels

18 January 2018

Role play panels are a key staple of any classroom or nursery setting as they help provide a focus when children are using their imagination and creativity whilst encouraging them to build relationships and become more confident. Through role play children not only have lots of fun but mimic situations and environments that are familiar… Continue Reading 🢂

Puppet Theatres

17 January 2018

Think of children’s puppet theatres and most people automatically think of Punch and Judy. The fact that Punch and Judy is still talked about well over 300 years since their first recorded appearance illustrates the enduring appeal of puppetry both as an expressive art form and an educational tool. Puppets are so adaptable and easy… Continue Reading 🢂

Early Years Play Shopping

16 January 2018

Bring mathematics, numbers, shape, space and measure to life in a fun and active way through play shopping. Counting, handling money, organising play food according to shape, size and colour, these are just some of the basic skills they will enjoy doing. It’s also a great way of building children’s confidence by encouraging social and… Continue Reading 🢂

Play Tables

15 January 2018

Play Tables allows children to play in small groups or quite happily on their own. They are an essential piece of furniture for primary school classrooms, nurseries and pre-schools. They are designed to be the perfect height for children to stand or kneel to play with toys. Raised sides keep toys in check and prevent… Continue Reading 🢂

Pop Up Play

12 January 2018

Our selection of colourful pop up play tents give small groups of children an opportunity to interact, engage in pretend play and be imaginative. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use this range of role play equipment for early years can be popped up and taken back down in minutes. The Mega Mansion is a simple,… Continue Reading 🢂

Play Kitchen

11 January 2018

Playing in a pretend play kitchen is a fun and engaging way for children to learn basic life skills, use communication and language to describe their actions, name shapes, colours, everyday objects and practice counting through imaginative role play. Pretending to cook, clean, wash and iron also helps them to develop fine motor skills and… Continue Reading 🢂

Play Garages

10 January 2018

Cars, vans, trucks, wagons – these are objects that are part of a child’s everyday world. Little ones can have lots of role play fun with our play garages whilst they pretend to be like the grown-ups they see driving and fixing vehicles within their own community. They are also useful for bringing technology lessons… Continue Reading 🢂