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Puppet Theatres & Puppets

Puppet Theatres & Puppets

Puppet Theatres & puppets encourage children to develop their communication skills and creativity through acting and story telling.

Children talk and sing with theatres and puppets

Many children find sharing how they feel difficult and because of this some do not open up to their friends or teachers. Puppets can help children talk about and explore their feelings because they provide an outlet for a child to pretend to be someone else. They may use a different voice or call their puppet a made up name. Distancing themselves from who they really are can help to support a child open up about a problem or worry they may have.

Act One – Scene One

Puppet Theatres bring children together exploring new ideas and creative concepts. Working together allows children to share their thoughts and ideas. Is their play going to be based on a fairytale or imagination? Is the story  going to involve hero’s and villain’s? A puppet theatre blends role play and imaginative play together and because of this they are ideal for young children’s vivid minds.

Benefits of Puppet Theatres

  • develop imaginative play
  • inspire group play and collaborative working
  • help children discuss thoughts, feelings and worries
  • perfect for use during PSHE
  • help to create self esteem, confidence and pride!

Group Activity

The teacher can set a task for a small group of children. For example, create some new characters or deliver a short performance to the rest of the class. Research fairytales or create new ones. Whatever children are inspired to bring to the stage it will consequently by fun, unique and deliver a huge amount of pride.