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Baby Moves

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Curiosity Corner

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Geometric Perception Cushions – Pk 4

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Multipurpose Sensory Mat

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Perception Panel

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Perception Looking Glass

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Rockyroad Balancer

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Rockyroad Beam

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Rockyroad Tunnel

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Squidgy Rolls

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Baby Climb and Slide

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Toddler Tumble

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Visual Perception Balance Ball

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Visual Perception Playmat

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Visual Perception Mirror

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Visual Perception Soft Mat

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 Baby Moves – Soft Play for Babies

Baby Moves is an award winning, unique physical development programme, especially developed to work with babies from birth.  This system is fully linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  They have been winners of the prestigious Practical Pre-School Awards 2008.

Specially designed in line with recent neurological research into how children’s brains and bodies grow and develop. Baby Moves is also perfect for children with a range of special educational needs, including children with a visual impairment.

All children will  discover their movement potential as their world opens up a wealth of opportunity.  Regardless of their age or perceived ability, your youngsters are certain to love these toys.

Baby moves allows small children to practice their new found physical developmental skills in a soft safe environment that will help and prepare them for the next stage in their development. Young children are encouraged to lie on their tummy, roll, crawl, climb, balance and slide in safety. Suitable for the smallest of baby and toddler rooms.

Manufactured in the UK it covers all the necessary safety requirements. Each piece is safe, durable and made from wipe clean PVC.

The Baby Moves Neuro Gym provides an enabling environment where children can explore in safety and develop their creativity and imagination.