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School Bins

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Mushroom Bin with Litter Letters & Bugs

Product Code: FO57004
From: £268.00 Ex. VAT From: £321.60 Inc. VAT

Mushroom Bin with Litter Letters & Spots

Product Code: FO57003
From: £268.00 Ex. VAT From: £321.60 Inc. VAT

Mushroom Bin with Spots & Door Graphic

Product Code: FO57005
From: £274.00 Ex. VAT From: £328.80 Inc. VAT

Pencil Bins – Large

Product Code: FO57008
From: £208.00 Ex. VAT From: £249.60 Inc. VAT

Pencil Bins – Medium

Product Code: FO57006
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Recycling Bins – Set of 4

Product Code: FO57010
From: £929.95 Ex. VAT From: £1,115.94 Inc. VAT

Slimline Classic Bin with Litter Letters

Product Code: FO57001
From: £239.95 Ex. VAT From: £287.94 Inc. VAT

School Bins

School bins are an essential piece of equipment because they teach children from a very young age to dispose of their litter responsibly and carefully. It is also now common practise to recycle our waste so it is therefore important to teach children how to recycle their rubbish.

The benefits of School Bins:

  • allow children to learn about recycling
  • instills good litter disposal habits
  • provides the means for children to dispose of their rubbish correctly
  • bright and colourful designs encourage use
  • improve the appearance and the safety of the school

Children are more likely to adopt recycling as a habit if they have learned to do it in school. As they learn, it helps them become more conscientious about their litter and how and where they dispose of it. Taking care of our planet starts with our immediate community and within a school children can all play their part.

What they learn in school, children will take home so their recycling habits will be transferred to helping to tackle the waste they create at home.

In addition to good housekeeping habits, disposing of litter in a bin, ensures school and nursery grounds are kept clean. This in turn ensures a healthy school environment where children are less likely to slip on a piece of discarded rubbish.

This range of School Bins includes some bright, colourful designs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Suitable for all primary and nursery settings.