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Rubber Playground Mats

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Rubber Playground Mat – Pk 10

Product Code: FR87001
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Rubber Playground Mat

This Rubber Playground Mat protects children as they play on equipment in the playground.  Tested by RAPRA (Rubber and Plastics Research Association), this rubber playground mat can withstand a 1 meter critical fall height. This means that if this mat is placed around climbing frames or monkey bars, for example, serious injury is minimised. Children can be as much as 1 meter off the ground and if they were to fall off the impact is lessened by falling onto the mat.

The benefits of this rubber playground mat:

  • tested by RAPRA
  • provide a safe and secure surface on which children can play
  • grass can still grow between the holes of the mat
  • hard wearing and weather resistant

This mat means that while children are climbing on a frame, or whizzing down a slide there is a safe surface on which they can play. As well as providing adults with peace of mind, the mat is also aesthetic in appearance because it allows grass to grow through it. It is therefore perfect for ensuring that greenery can be maintained in the playground or school yard. Unlike chippings or bark which can easily be transferred and quickly get unsightly, this matting ensures grass can be mown. This means that the playing fields can always look clean and neat whilst being safe.

Sold in a pack of 10 this rubber playground matting lends itself to any landscape because as well as being laid on a flat surface it can also be laid on a slight incline. Extremely hard wearing and resistant to weather and temperature fluctuations.