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Blocks and Bricks

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Product Code: EX62053
£199.95 Ex. VAT £239.94 Inc. VAT

Big Wood Like Foam Blocks – PK32

Product Code: EX38003
£129.95 Ex. VAT £155.94 Inc. VAT

Brick Me – 45 piece

Product Code: EX19135
£185.95 Ex. VAT £223.14 Inc. VAT

Edushape Edublocks

Product Code: EX38001
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Edushape Textured Blocks – Set 60

Product Code: EX38006
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Edushape Giant Foam Blocks Pack 32

Product Code: EX38007
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Jumbo Blocks – Pk 54

Product Code: EX34082
£74.95 Ex. VAT £89.94 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Wooden Block Set – 54 Piece

Product Code: EX34100
£79.99 Ex. VAT £95.99 Inc. VAT

Rainbow Wooden Super Set – 84 pieces

Product Code: EX34091
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Rainbow Bricks

Product Code: EX34047
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Softwood Effect Building Blocks – Set of 56

Product Code: EX19142
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Outdoor Wooden Skip and Blocks

Product Code: FO65001
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Wooden Tower Blocks – Set 60

Product Code: EX29072
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Giant Hollow Blocks

Product Code: EX19145
From: £319.95 Ex. VAT From: £383.94 Inc. VAT

Blocks and Bricks

Children’s blocks and bricks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to challenge children’s creative thinking. Block play offers children so much in the way of learning opportunities. Whilst children have fun with the bricks and the blocks they are developing an abundance of life skills.

So what are the benefits of block and brick play?

  • imagination and creativity: children explore what is possible through their imagination building their own masterpieces or helping their friends build theirs
  • physical development: develops spatial awareness as children understand the space they have to work in
  • promotes hand to eye coordination as well as gross motor skills
  • problem solving: either through their own work by working together children figure out what blocks fit where, what blocks support others or conversely which are likely to topple their structure
  • maths: blocks and bricks come in a huge variety of differing shapes, sizes and weights each one helps a child practise and refine their maths skills
  • science: children explore the principles of gravity, learning to understand what happens to their structures as their bricks fall to the floor
  • collaborative play: children love the thrill of working on a structure that stays up or looks the way they intended. Engenders support, encouragement and pride in each others achievements.

Developing a child – brick by brick

These toys bring so much to young children and to early years settings. They incorporate large parts of the curriculum supporting children’s learning and development whilst they play.

Blocks and bricks are ideal for group play but are also perfect for children who want to play on their own. Children will love building the blocks into towers, learning about balance as they create their towering masterpieces.

Versatile and hugely enjoyable – blocks and bricks are a must for any classroom or nursery environment.