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Dressing Up Trolleys

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Beech Costume Trolley

Product Code: EC11628
£299.95 Ex. VAT £359.94 Inc. VAT

Toddler Costume Trolley

Product Code: EC11629
£259.95 Ex. VAT £311.94 Inc. VAT

Bubblegum Dressing Up Cupboard

Product Code: ER14332
£999.95 Ex. VAT £1,199.94 Inc. VAT

Dressing Up Mirror and Trolley Set

Product Code: EC18204
£249.95 Ex. VAT £299.94 Inc. VAT

Wooden Dressing Up Trolley

Product Code: EC18203
£159.95 Ex. VAT £191.94 Inc. VAT

Dressing Up Trolley

Product Code: EC19148
£99.95 Ex. VAT £119.94 Inc. VAT

Galaxy Dressing Up Trolley

Product Code: EC18197
£199.95 Ex. VAT £239.94 Inc. VAT

Galaxy Kids Dressing Up Mirror

Product Code: EC18198
£199.95 Ex. VAT £239.94 Inc. VAT

Galaxy Dressing Up Station

Product Code: EC18196
£225.95 Ex. VAT £271.14 Inc. VAT

Mini Dressing Up Zone

Product Code: FG18349
£919.95 Ex. VAT £1,103.94 Inc. VAT

Mobile Cloakroom Storage Trolley

Product Code: FH26016
£85.95 Ex. VAT £103.14 Inc. VAT

Mobile Dressing Up Unit

Product Code: EP18319
£469.95 Ex. VAT £563.94 Inc. VAT

Dressing Up Trolleys

Dressing up trolleys are essential in an early years setting. They are perfect for hanging role play clothes or even art aprons and coveralls. Without one children are likely to throw their discarded clothes on the floor. And that does not promote good and tidy housekeeping habits in children.

Children throw themselves into dressing up because it is fun and engaging. Learning to dress up and engage in role play is something they can do on their own or with a friend. Communicating with each other is key and getting encouragement from peers is also inspiring.

It is important children are allowed to express themselves through role play because it encourages creativity and imagination. Are they going to be a princess? Or are they going to be a knight in shining armour? Perhaps they may be a ballerina or a football player? Whilst it is important children have an outlet for their creativity, likewise they need somewhere that clearly defines the imaginative area.

And don’t forget the humble Dressing Up Trolley offers more than a place to hang clothes and aprons. For example, many designs come with useful storage and trays. Always handy in a busy early years environment.  And the wire mobile cloakroom storage trolley remains a firm favourite with its storage tray and coat hooks.

So dressing up trolleys definitely keep clothes neat and tidy. Yet they denote the area for role play and imaginative play as well.

A reminder of the key benefits:

  • inspire creativity and imagination
  • provide useful hanging and storage space
  • allow dressing up clothes to be kept neat and tidy
  • define a specific area within the classroom