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Primary Resources


Our extensive range of Primary Resources are all aimed to support your children in their learning.  Our resources are wide and diverse.  We cover all aspects of the curriculum with our specially selected resources.


We have resources that cover the core languages of French, German and Spanish from wall charts, calendar to emotion cushions.  Introducing your children to the idea of other languages from a young age gives them a sense of self and other people.  In addition, they understand that there is a wider world out there to explore.


Our literacy tools are wide and vast.  When children are literate they are powerful.  Above all, you are giving them the tools of expression, connection and communication.  Our primary literacy tools are sourced to aid engagement and enjoyment of the subject but at the same time reinforce.  We have everything ranging from alphabet toys, to phonics, speaking and listening.  Literacy is definitely an essential key to negotiating the wider world.


In today’s digital world, maths is an essential skill for your children.  It is important that children develop strong numeracy skills to negotiate everything from counting change in a shop to reading a train timetable.  Our maths resources are perfect for creating a solid numeracy base for your children.  We have items that cover everything from fractions, shape and time to multiplication and active maths.  Having a range of maths resources makes it easier for you to engage your children in this exciting and essential subject.


Growing up is extremely hard.  There are many pressures on today’s children to conform and fit in.  Our PSHE tools help children to develop social skills and etiquette.  Moreover, they introduce children gently to the idea of keeping themselves safe with healthy eating skills and emotion resources for expression.  Effective PSHE resources help to boost self esteem, resilience and empathy.  These are all important attributes in today’s society.


Our exciting science curriculum aids cover a hugely diverse area from the human body to space and exploration.  Many of the science subjects interlink.  For example, the human body and healthy eating.  We have a range of resources that cover a huge area.  We have levers and pulleys, weather exploration resources, weather studies, nature and exploration.  This subject is vast, diverse and exciting and our range of curriculum resources certainly matches that.