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Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

As teachers, you know the educational benefits of arts and crafts for students.

In a school or day nursery, arts and crafts are fun and help develop the child’s imagination and fine motor skills. In a classroom for primary students, arts and craft activities allow students to create and explore new mediums and textures. The beauty of art and craft activities for children in a classroom is they can develop self-expression without the fear of getting it wrong.

Putting aside the educational and personal growth benefits, School art and crafts are exciting and fun. Don’t underestimate the self-esteem and confidence boost a child has when someone admires their drawing, sculpture or painting.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts Activities at School

  • Develops the imagination
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Hand-eye co-ordination
  • Learn to co-operate in a group environment
  • It can be sensory, depending on textures.

School Art Supplies

Edusentials offer a quality range of School Art and Craft supplies for your nursery or primary classroom. We also carry an extensive range of aprons and tabards in PVC and nylon to prevent school clothes and uniforms from getting soiled or stained. For the class tables, we have an extensive range of quality durable PVC tablecloths in varying sizes. These tablecloths are not only easy to wipe clean but help prevent school tables and furniture from damage.

Art Drying Racks

And then, of course, once the masterpieces are created, they need to dry. We have an extensive range of art drying racks to cater for all setting with varying shelf sizes and quantities in mobile, static and wall-mounted options.

Our high-quality range of art and craft supplies includes everything you need to keep the creative juices flowing in your classroom, as well as storage options to keep safe and tidy when not in use.

School Painting Easels

Do you have the next Van Gogh in your class? Easels make painting and drawing more interesting. The vertical environment further develops small motor control. Additionally, they begin to learn colour theory by mixing colours. For a young one, it is exhilarating to realise mixing yellow and blue can make green. Most importantly, a child can develop creative independence.  Shop our complete range of Classroom Easels

Early school arts and their link to the future

At a glance, our modern world seems so distant from an artist and a paintbrush. But, believe it or not, the two are more connected than you may realise. Today’s online environment has created jobs that did not exist 40 years ago. Graphic artists, Visual designers, Website designers, Photography and editing. Many of these jobs require skills that started in the classroom many years ago.

Need advice or assistance in choosing the right items for your nursery or classroom? Contact our creative team at Edusentials.