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Classroom Tidies

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Solid Beech Classroom Tidy – 18 Tubs

Product Code: FG11271
£269.95 Ex. VAT £323.94 Inc. VAT

Double Sided Classroom Tidy – 18 Baskets

Product Code: FG11875
£449.95 Ex. VAT £539.94 Inc. VAT

Mobile Classroom Organiser – Single Sided

Product Code: FG13228
£165.95 Ex. VAT £199.14 Inc. VAT

Nursery See and Store

Product Code: FG11884
£269.95 Ex. VAT £323.94 Inc. VAT

Single Classroom Tidy – 9 Trays

Product Code: FG11270
£179.95 Ex. VAT £215.94 Inc. VAT

Single Sided Classroom Tidy – 12 Baskets

Product Code: FG11876
£319.95 Ex. VAT £383.94 Inc. VAT

Single Sided Classroom Tidy – 12 Tubs

Product Code: FG11873
£209.95 Ex. VAT £251.94 Inc. VAT

Single Sided Classroom Tidy – 9 Baskets

Product Code: FG11874
£269.95 Ex. VAT £323.94 Inc. VAT

Wicker Baskets – Deep

Product Code: FG11878
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

Wicker Baskets – Shallow – Pk9

Product Code: FG11877
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

Classroom Tidies

We have a wide and varied range of classroom tidies for you to peruse.  Classroom storage is a major necessity in any learning environment.  Our classroom storage range offers a plethora of ways to keep your curriculum materials safe and tidy.  Children learn routine from a very early age.  When you teach them to be organised and store their items carefully in a designated space, you are creating positive habits for later in life.

Our classroom tidy range includes a large variety of storage solutions.  We have both double and single sided storage units.  Single sided options are great for where space is at a premium.  You can neatly store them against a wall when not in use.  We have units that are suitable from nursery age up to older children.  Our See and Store unit is perfect for nursery children who are inquisitive to look and explore the contents of the storage bays.

The majority of our units are on castors.  This means they are not only useful as storage but also when resources are shared between learning areas.  You can easily put them away when not in use.

Additionally, our range carries a variety of different looks.  We have units including tray storage units, plastic storage draws, storage bins, and storage units with wicker baskets or plastic trays.  We also carry entirely wooden tidies that can be used to store not only toys or resources but also are fantastic for books.  There is a wealth of options for all your classroom storage needs. Classroom tidies are a bright and colourful way of keeping your classroom or nursery tidy.