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School Planters and Greenhouses

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Outdoor Cold Frame

Product Code: FO18418
£345.00 Ex. VAT £414.00 Inc. VAT

Plant Store

Product Code: FO18423
£509.95 Ex. VAT £611.94 Inc. VAT

Wooden Raised Bed Garden Planter

Product Code: FO72036
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24 Box Garden Planters

Product Code: GN45019
£1,070.00 Ex. VAT £1,284.00 Inc. VAT

6 Box Planter with Hanging Rail

Product Code: GN45009
£359.95 Ex. VAT £431.94 Inc. VAT

6 Planter Bench

Product Code: GN45014
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Best Value Eco-Garden

Product Code: GN45023
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Complete Mini Garden

Product Code: GN45018
£579.95 Ex. VAT £695.94 Inc. VAT

Hardwood Cold Frame

Product Code: FO72034
£129.95 Ex. VAT £155.94 Inc. VAT

Hardwood Mini Greenhouse

Product Code: FO72035
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Indoor Outdoor Mini Garden + Outdoor Planter

Product Code: GM18228
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Marberry Square Planter

Product Code: FO72032
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Mobile Greenhouse

Product Code: GN19259
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Nursery Rectangular Garden Box

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Nursery Square Garden Box

Product Code: GN45007
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Potting Station

Product Code: FO72033
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Rectangle Garden Box

Product Code: GN45002
£257.95 Ex. VAT £309.54 Inc. VAT

Rectangle Garden Box

Product Code: GN45004
£226.95 Ex. VAT £272.34 Inc. VAT

School Planters and Greenhouses

Planters and greenhouses are a great way of introducing children to gardening. Children love the idea that what they plant grows into a lovely flowers or a vegetable which they can eat.

Introducing children to gardening encourages them to take an active interest in healthy eating but also helps them to understand what plants need to grow. For example soil, food, water, sunlight and somewhere to plant and nuture them

Benefits of school planters and greenhouses

  • provide a dedicated place for plants and flowers to grow
  • protect seeds and young shoots from the weather
  • children take ownership of their own planter
  • great for individual or group work
  • encourages children outside whilst learning

They also bring the theory of what is learned in the classroom into reality, because children see for themselves the plants and seeds grow

The beauty of planters and greenhouses

Planters allow children to choose what they want to nuture. Are they going to choose a fruit seed, a sapling or a young flower to grow? How much soil, fertiliser, food and water do their seeds and shoots need? And how much protection and sunshine?

Having an understanding of where their food comes from allows children to make healthy choices as they grow and develop.

School planters and greenhouses are also great fun for planting flowers because they add colour and interest to any outdoor educational setting.  Greenhouses mean that the flowers can continue to grow in a warm environment even if it is cold outside, helping provide year round colour and gardening interest.