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Outdoor Dens and Playhouses

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Outdoor Rainbow Den

Product Code: FO31016
£889.95 Ex. VAT £1,067.94 Inc. VAT

Indoor/Outdoor Folding Den

Product Code: ER18182
£349.95 Ex. VAT £419.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Play Shelter

Product Code: FO18453
£1,249.95 Ex. VAT £1,499.94 Inc. VAT

Camouflage Den Kit

Product Code: ER18182C
£229.95 Ex. VAT £275.94 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Wooden Play Boat

Product Code: FO70002
£1,599.95 Ex. VAT £1,919.94 Inc. VAT

Safe Haven Wooden Teepee

Product Code: FO70006
£1,065.00 Ex. VAT £1,278.00 Inc. VAT

Seated Play Hut

Product Code: FO70001
£1,765.00 Ex. VAT £2,118.00 Inc. VAT

Wicker Castle Panels

Product Code: FO19065
From: £289.95 Ex. VAT From: £347.94 Inc. VAT

Large Willow Hut

Product Code: FO19063
£329.95 Ex. VAT £395.94 Inc. VAT

Willow Maze Panels – Set of 18

Product Code: FO19068
£699.95 Ex. VAT £839.94 Inc. VAT

Wicker Teepee

Product Code: FO19064
£289.95 Ex. VAT £347.94 Inc. VAT

Small Wooden Play Den

Product Code: FO70012
£740.00 Ex. VAT £888.00 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Dens & Playhouses

This wide range of outdoor dens and playhouses helps you to create beautiful settings for outdoor play.  Tents, playhouses and dens have long been a staple piece of outdoor play equipment for children.  As a result, there is a wide choice of styles, designs and materials to choose from.

This fabulous range has been developed to enable you to establish exciting outdoor areas for exploration. Dens and Playhouses also provide the natural place for children to explore and experiment within a natural setting. As children play inside the safety of a den or pod or playhouse, they are brought closer to nature and the world in which they live.  Children undoubtedly enjoy being outside.  This is perhaps because it allows them to express themselves in a way they cannot do in the classroom.

Benefits of Dens & Playhouses:

  • provide a safe place for children to sit or read quietly on their role
  • ideal for role play
  • perfect for small groups of children to play and talk together
  • bring an exciting dynamic and play experience to the outside learning space

Outdoor Dens & Playhouses can be real hubs of imaginative play. As children sit inside the confines of the den, they can create all manner of imaginary worlds.  They can let their imaginations and creativity fly beyond the limits of the classroom wall. They can engage in role play or by taking toys outside can play and learn together.

Sometimes children may just need time on their own. And sitting inside a den or playhouse provides them with assurance, comfort and somewhere they feel safe.

There is a range of different designs and styles for you to view on these pages.

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