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Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames

Climbing frames and equipment are not only fun but they encourage physical development in children.

Encouraging children to use a climbing frame is one of the many ways to stimulate exercise and physical activity. Additionally, there is a proven link between physical activity and concentration in class. Physical exertion is proven to aid concentration levels in class, consequently using this equipment is so much more than it first appears.

This range which includes indoor and outdoor options allows children to get active. Children can climb on their own or together with their friends. As they climb they develop hand to eye coordination skills as well as gross motor skills and confidence

Benefits to children:

  • boosts hand to eye coordination and gross motor skills
  • supports healthy exercise
  • encourages cooperative play supporting each other on the equipment
  • develops confidence and self belief in children
  • fun and both physically and mentally stimulating

A wide range of exceptional quality climbing frames is available for both indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for schools, nurseries, or even in the home. Designed to stimulate and challenge physical development. They also encourage children to climb, balance, crawl and slide which helps children to develop motor skills whilst giving them the inspiration to play.

Recent studies have shown a link between physical activity and concentration in class. Physical exertion is proven to aid more structured learning in the classroom. So climbing frames are not only great fun they also stimulate mental agility.

Edusentials provides advice on the best climbing frame for your requirements. We are on-hand to give suggestions on the best product for your space. So whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor climbing frame, we can help.