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School Furniture

School Furniture

We have an extensive range of school furniture for both primary and nursery environments.

Classroom and Library Furniture

Whether you’re looking for classroom storage, tables and chairs we have a wide selection of school furniture to choose from.  Our library furniture includes a variety of school book storage and also hanging book storage.  All of our school furniture has been carefully sourced and properly assessed. We have a full spectrum of choice to cater for different age groups in different heights and sizes.

Cloakroom Furniture

Our furniture includes a wide variety of cloakroom furniture for schools which includes trolleys which are a godsend when space is an issue or simply when you don’t have a separate cloakroom space.  Lunchbox trolleys provide excellent storage where space is a premium.  We also offer a good selection of shoe storage, some including seating options. A choice of finishes and colour options ensures a great look as well as a practical solution. Our well racks are hugely popular with a wide range to see.  Our cloakroom trolleys come in a variety of sizes and prices and are ideal for any school or nursery setting.

Bean Bags

We also have an extensive soft seating range including indoor and outdoor cushions, kids bean bags in an assortment of sizes, shapes and colours, including those for children with special needs or disabilities as well as modular seating and kids tub chairs which complement the more formal school furniture.

Whiteboards and noticeboards

Our presentation and display section includes a wide range of whiteboards in a variety of sizes, both wall mounted and mobile as well as noticeboards and partitioning to divide spaces and offer some level of sound barrier.

Storage cupboards, computer furniture, outdoor storage cabinets and staging sets are also featured within our school furniture section. So, if you’re after nursery school furniture or furniture for primary classrooms, large or small, have a browse through the above sections.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for in good time, please call our friendly helpline, without any obligation to buy. We are on hand to assist you and don’t forget we offer free delivery to mainland UK.

Happy browsing!