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Fast Fold Dining Tables

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Fast Fold Rectangular Table

Product Code: FF36124
From: £149.95 Ex. VAT From: £179.94 Inc. VAT

Fast Fold Bench

Product Code: FF36125
From: £125.95 Ex. VAT From: £151.14 Inc. VAT

Fast Fold Trolley Set – 10 Tables & 20 Benches

Product Code: FF36126
From: £3,999.95 Ex. VAT From: £4,799.94 Inc. VAT

Fast Fold Trolley Set – 20 Tables

Product Code: FF36127
From: £3,295.95 Ex. VAT From: £3,955.14 Inc. VAT

Fast Fold Table Trolley

Product Code: FT36128
£699.95 Ex. VAT £839.94 Inc. VAT

Convertible Folding Bench Unit

Product Code: FF36019
£629.95 Ex. VAT £755.94 Inc. VAT

Fast Fold Dining Tables

Fast Fold Dining Tables provide a quick and easy solution to any school dining table issues.  You can easily store and move these lightweight dining tables with folding legs.  Moreover, the quick release means that you can quickly and efficiently unfold the legs to set up your dining space.  In a modern school most dining halls are multi purpose due to limited space.  You can simply flatten the tables and put them away so your space can resume its alternate use.

These slimline, space-saving tables are available in various sizes in both rectangular and circular shapes.  In addition, there are also a variety of colours available which will suit most existing décor or school colours.

The tables have a lightweight aluminium frame with steel legs which provides both strength and stability.  You will also discover that they are exceptionally efficient to store as they have the thinnest frame on the market.  These tables take away the stresses of preparing and dismantling the dining space.

School dining tables are an important part of the school day and these tables facilitate a streamlined, comfortable and efficient dining hall which can easily be converted into an open space for another use.