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Ultralight Staging System

Gopak Ultralight Staging Systems are extremely safe, portable, easy to use and store away. They come in a variety of package options and are a popular staging solution for schools and nurseries.

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Ultralight Large Trolley

Product Code: FP82005
£591.13 Ex. VAT £709.36 Inc. VAT

Ultralight Small Trolley

Product Code: FP82006
£363.59 Ex. VAT £436.31 Inc. VAT

Ultralight Staging System – Package A

Product Code: FP82024
£2,559.03 Ex. VAT £3,070.84 Inc. VAT

Ultralight Staging System – Package B

Product Code: FP82025
£3,705.84 Ex. VAT £4,447.01 Inc. VAT

Ultralight Staging System – Package C

Product Code: FP82026
£5,044.20 Ex. VAT £6,053.04 Inc. VAT

Ultralight Staging System – Package D

Product Code: FP82027
£5,690.22 Ex. VAT £6,828.26 Inc. VAT

The Gopak Ultralight Staging System is the perfect stage system for your school or nursery. It is both extremely safe yet lightweight. In addition, it is easy to assemble as well as dismantle because of its configuration. It is the ultimate portable, user friendly staging system.

The many advantages of the Gopak Ultralight Staging System:

  • easy to assemble and dismantle
  • lightweight but also safe and strong
  • folds down for ease of storage when not in use
  • various pack sizes for you to choose from
  • choice of stage and step finishes including carpet or vinyl
  • one person assembly

The Gopak Ultralight Staging Systems are manufactured from lightweight aluminium. This means therefore that all the staging platforms are easily portable and can be assembled by one person.

Even though the individual parts of this staging system are lightweight, when the stage is fully constructed it is extremely secure. So when it comes to the children practising their play, or the choir rehearsing their Christmas songs all will be safe.  This is because the staging unit, once erected supports a uniform distributed weight bearing load of 1000kg per sq metre.

These staging systems have a unique folding mechanism and because of this they can be erected very quickly. This saves both time and resources when you need a stage quickly or a stage that is simple and straight forward to put together.

And when it comes to packing the stage away, it is easy to store. The base unit folds to less than 2% of its open size.

We have four Gopak Ultralight Staging Systems to choose from. These staging systems have everything your school or nursery needs within the package so when it arrives you can begin using it immediately.