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Popoids are the ultimate unique flexible building system for children.

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Popoids Standard Set – 70 Piece Tray

Product Code: EX37015
£59.95 Ex. VAT £71.94 Inc. VAT

Popoids Large Animal Set – 140 Piece

Product Code: EX37014
£85.95 Ex. VAT £103.14 Inc. VAT

Popoids Superset – 140 Piece Bucket

Product Code: EX37013
£85.95 Ex. VAT £103.14 Inc. VAT

Popoids Standard Set – 70 Piece Tub

Product Code: EX37012
£55.95 Ex. VAT £67.14 Inc. VAT


Popoids is the unique flexible building system which links wheels, bodies and heads with bendy connectors.

Children love playing with these toys because there is no limit to what they can create. Imaginations and creativity soar as children look at the pieces and see what can be created from them.

Each piece is easily manipulated. The pieces bend and twist and are therefore easy to interlock.

These sets bring a variety of educational benefits because they:

  • develop cooperative play as children learn to share
  • spark creativity and flair in young children
  • refine hand to eye coordination as well as fine motor skills
  • improve dexterity in young children
  • support creative thinking, expression and problem solving
  • promote open ended and exploratory play

These fun dexterity toys hold the attention of children between the ages of 3 and 8. They are fun and easy to put together.

We have a choice of four different sets for you to choose from. These include:  Popoid Standard Set – 70 piece tub; Popoid Standard Set – 70 piece tray; Popoid Large Bucket – 140 piece and Popoid Large Animal Set – 140 piece.

Each set will provide hours of enjoyment for young children as they explore each piece imagining and creating their very own characters.