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Tray Storage Units

Tray Storage Units

Tray storage units are without a doubt an exceptionally useful and versatile addition to any classroom.  The use of trays is a staple in many educational settings.  There are so many positive attributes to keeping items organised.  By introducing sturdy and well made tray storage, you are making sure your learning environment is well organised and tidy.  This is undoubtedly an excellent example for your students.

Our range of units is very varied.  We carry units that are for a range of tray sizes.  Additionally, we can also provide units that are solely for the purpose of storing shallow trays.  This allows the front of the trays to be on display.  If you chose to label your trays it is an excellent way to see the contents quickly and easily.  Not only that, it is also a useful way for younger children to sound out their phonics and start to read what the trays contain!

In addition to units, we can also provide tray storage cupboards.  This provides the benefit of being able to close doors on the trays and shelves.  This gives your classroom an exceptionally streamlined look.  Moreover, some of our cupboards also come with locks meaning that you can keep confidential or sensitive items safe.

Our metal units give an entirely different look.  They are available in a variety of colours.  You can tailor make them to suit your classroom décor.

With our mix and match stackable units you are able to combine a variety of options to make as big or small a unit as you desire.  With a range of internal storage options, this range is exceptionally versatile.

We also carry another versatile range in the assorted tray storage units.  Here you are able to chose from jumbo tray storage, deep tray storage or even a mix of depths!

However you chose to store your items, we have a wide range that will certainly contain something to suit your requirements.