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Nature Studies

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Bug and Plant Investigation Pack

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Nature Detective Set

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Plant and Bug Hunting Kit

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Science Habitat Centre

Product Code: SC19241
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Nature Studies

Nature Studies is an exciting and fun opportunity for your children to discover the world around them.  Our resources provide the chance for youngsters to discover nature up close.  They can use a magnifying class to take a look at a leaf.  Perhaps they will inspect a bug and describe its detail to you.  They could also spend their time searching for the perfect rock or stone.  Their observation and communication skills will spring to life as they tell you about how many legs a creature has.  Perhaps they will feel the texture of a stick and see in the magnifier why it is rough.   They are analysing and focusing their attention which are both important skills to master.

When children can get up close and personal with nature they learn to appreciate the wider world and their environment.  You can use many of our exploring items on a nature walk or even in forest school.  Children love to be outside and connect with the earth.

When you take their learning outside, children recharge their batteries and enjoy the fresh air.  You may find that children who are quieter in the classroom suddenly become full of enthusiasm.  They can use their binoculars, aquascopes and test tubes to fully investigate their surroundings.

Many children are surprised to discover the variety of creatures and plants available in their immediate surroundings.  Investigating nature certainly opens up a whole new world to them.  Our children’s nature resources are here to support your teaching and to encourage children to observe and report.