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Speaking & Listening

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Answer Buzzers – Set of 12

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Talking Tubes

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Who's Speaking, Who's Listening set

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Wild Animal Tales

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Speaking & Listening

Speaking & listening in Early Years is a sophisticated yet crucial skill to grasp.  Listening is very different to hearing.  It engages focus and concentration.  It means absorbing, acknowledging and understand what a person has said.  When a child feels that they are heard and listened to, it instils a sense of feeling valued.  It also means that they understand the importance of listening in return.

In addition, good listening in a child means a better ability to communicate and speak their mind.  It is key to good learning as they appreciate the need to pay attention.

When a child listens to their friends it imparts successful social skills.  It is good manners to take turns to speak.  It encourages self-expression when speaking.  Moreover, when a child is able to listen to you they learn appropriate ways of talking and communicating feelings.

Our range of Speaking & Listening resources for primary children encourages your children to pay attention and be polite.  These skills are essential for a well rounded adult and will certainly aid them on their way to success.