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Dolls Houses

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Blossom Cottage Dolls House

Product Code: EP75034
£89.99 Ex. VAT £107.99 Inc. VAT

Complete Wooden Dolls House

Product Code: EP75031
£349.95 Ex. VAT £419.94 Inc. VAT

Rose Cottage Dolls House

Product Code: EP75036
£149.95 Ex. VAT £179.94 Inc. VAT

Wooden Dolls House and Furniture

Product Code: ED19253
£125.95 Ex. VAT £151.14 Inc. VAT

Wooden Shopping Centre Play Set

Product Code: ER19255
£105.95 Ex. VAT £127.14 Inc. VAT

Wooden Castle and Figure Set

Product Code: ER19257
£85.95 Ex. VAT £103.14 Inc. VAT

Dolls Houses

Our range of dolls houses is exceptionally varied.  While we carry traditional houses, we also offer a modern take with items such as a shopping centre or even a castle!

Children love role play and imaginative play.  Our small world play doll houses are a fantastic tool for children to act out stories and scenarios.  Your youngsters will love to play in collaboration or own their own with these sets.

Made in traditional wood, all of our sets are durable and long lasting.  They are meant to withstand the rigours of play in a school or nursery setting.

Your children will delight in these sets with figurines to match.  All sets carry multiple characters which is perfect for children to play together.  The furniture and accessories all add to the charm and appeal.

Whichever of our range you choose for your children, you are certain to witness many hours of happy play with one of our dolls houses.