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Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Music and musical instruments form an intrinsic part of human culture. It is all around us: on the television, in theatres and cinemas. It is present in worship and celebrations, military ceremonies and it keeps us company on the drive to work. But nowhere is it more important than how we use it with children.

We have a range of kid’s musical instruments for schools and nurseries developed to inspire a love of sounds and songs in children. Musical instruments for nurseries can be simple. For example, the triangle, symbols, maracas or tone block will help children discover rhythm and beat. Songs and the making of a tune is very personal and there are a huge range of musical genres for children to explore as they grow older. Yet as younger children beginning to explore its joy, it becomes an intrinsic part of their development.

As they beat on a drum or tinkle with the xylophone they will enjoy being creative. Either playing by themselves or being part of a group they will contribute to the overall musical effect. Using musical instruments also allows children to help develop the skill of sharing and taking turns. This is a key milestone in a child’s development as it teaches team work and collaborative skills.

Our tuned percussion instruments include a selection of xylophones and tubular bells. These instruments specifically will enhance your classroom  sessions and help children aspire to improve their musical ear and talents. Our range of instruments for schools even includes a range of outdoor xylophones.

Whatever notes the children choose to put together they ultimately learn to work as a team. Making songs and sounds builds cooperation and concentration, valuable lessons they will need in later life.