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Hollow Blocks

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Wooden Wheelbarrow

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Outdoor Hollow Blocks

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Wooden Outdoor Hollow Blocks

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Wooden Hollow Blocks

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Nursery Hollow Blocks – Pack of 30

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Giant Hollow Blocks

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Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks are not only a great construction toy but also recognised as a strategic learning tool and supported by the EYFS framework.

Hollow Blocks are much more than building blocks for children to play with. Children learn spacial awareness and refine both their large motor and fine motor co-ordination. They allow imagination to flourish, ideas to multiply and confidence to blossom.

As children play with blocks like these, they use what they have learned in the classroom. The blocks and bricks for example are all different sizes, shapes and weights. They each have a different area mass and some fit together better than others. As children explain their ideas for example they will need to describe the different shapes and explain how they should fit together.

Hollow Blocks also enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world because they use the blocks to explore shape, texture and size.

The many benefits of Hollow Blocks

  • develop collaborative play by sharing ideas and thoughts
  • improves communication skills
  • aids fine motor skills by encouraging children to draw their ideas
  • helps with problem solving
  • makes science and maths fun
  • support cooperative play moving larger blocks through teamwork
  • inspires creativity and imagination

Children master their skills to become competent in their block play. They view their construction and ponder how it can be improved for next time. Playing with Hollow Blocks encourages collaboration, co-operation and conversation. Children play together, build together and help and support each other. All of which are vital life lessons.