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Weather and Environment

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Erupting Volcano

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See Through Compost Container

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Plant Life – Soil

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Recycle It Wall Hanging

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Rock, Mineral & Fossil Collection

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Weather Window

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Water Cycle Wall Chart

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Weather and Environment

The weather and environment is a wide and varied subject.  Most of the population is keenly aware about environmental issues and the importance of being as friendly as possible to our surroundings.

Our resources are the perfect tool to reinforce your lessons about environmental issues and the world around us.  We have a range of resources for you to explain why it is important to consider the effect you have on your surroundings.

Schools generally have a recycling system for children to follow.  Many children are taught how to protect their immediate surroundings by recycling.  We have resources that explain how to recycle different items and which items can and cannot be recycled.

We also offer kits which explain about soil and how to recognise different types of soils.  Our compost maker allows your children to visualise and understand how different items biodegrade   You can introduce the idea of different terrain through examining rocks.  Alternatively, you can create your very own volcano in the classroom!  This is something which always excites but also draws attention to the fact that different places have different environments.

Most primary children are too young to travelled far and wide.  It is fascinating to them to think that some countries don’t have the same seasons as us.  You can discuss how lucky you are to have constant water when introducing the water cycle.  This could lead to further discussion about why some countries do not have a constant flow.  What is the difference between their weather and ours?

The environment is a subject which is engaging and relevant.  It allows our children to develop a healthy respect for the earth.  Our resources offer the perfect teaching aid to impart actions and knowledge and encourage youngsters to protect their planet.