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School & Nursery Cushions

School & Nursery Cushions

There is something calming and restful about sitting on or snuggling into a cushion at the end of a busy, stressful day. Cushions not only bring colour and softness into a room, but they can also provide welcome relief from muscular aches and pains and even aid posture.

Having a range of cushions within the school or nursery setting brings the same sense of calmness and restfulness we experience in our own homes. Even very young children often have to spend time sitting at tables on chairs. Whether this is for meal times or during lessons, having a less structured, softer, seating option provides them with a welcome place to relax with their friends during the day.

School and nursery cushions help to relax children. Once relaxed, a child is better able to think more constructively and positively. They have the space to step back to reflect on issues, to talk with their friends away from the confines of the more formal classroom or nursery setting. School and nursery cushions help to create a comfy space where children are free to spend time with their peers.

Ideal for reading corners or for quiet corner activities, school and nursery cushions allow provide the perfect setting for children to snuggle down with their favourite book or toy. Having a corner of the classroom or nursery filled with brightly coloured cushions defines it as the perfect ‘breakaway’ place for children to escape the pressures of the normal classroom environment.

Our cushions come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. From our beautifully made animal cushions, to our snuggle mats, cushions inspired by nature, outdoor cushions, or cushions especially designed to help children express and understand their emotions there is a cushion for every setting and requirement.

Our range of school and nursery cushions also include cushions packs and cushion trolleys. Why not browse the full range and choose the ideal cushions for the children in your classroom or nursery.

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