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100 Square Counting Grid Carpet 2x2m

Product Code: FR16141
£175.95 Ex. VAT £211.14 Inc. VAT

1 to 10 Counting Cans

Product Code: CM74048
£49.95 Ex. VAT £59.94 Inc. VAT

Base Ten – Class Set

Product Code: CM74025
£79.95 Ex. VAT £95.94 Inc. VAT

Counting Dry Erase Boards – Pk 30

Product Code: MD62009
£39.99 Ex. VAT £47.99 Inc. VAT

Cuisenaire Rods Wooden Class Set

Product Code: CM74029
£75.95 Ex. VAT £91.14 Inc. VAT

Double Sided Magnetic Money

Product Code: CM74034
£34.95 Ex. VAT £41.94 Inc. VAT

Giant Floor Dominoes

Product Code: CM25080
£42.95 Ex. VAT £51.54 Inc. VAT

Magnetic Learning Numbers

Product Code: MB19195
£139.95 Ex. VAT £167.94 Inc. VAT

Number Line Activity Pack

Product Code: ML25039
£54.95 Ex. VAT £65.94 Inc. VAT

Number Rhymes Bag

Product Code: CM10011
£39.95 Ex. VAT £47.94 Inc. VAT

Numeracy Puzzles – Set of 4

Product Code: EJ59073
£42.95 Ex. VAT £51.54 Inc. VAT

100 Number Tiles

Product Code: MB25010
£99.95 Ex. VAT £119.94 Inc. VAT

Number Playmat 1 – 100

Product Code: MB25009
£105.95 Ex. VAT £127.14 Inc. VAT

Numbers 1-20 Runner Carpet 3x1m

Product Code: FR15016
£69.95 Ex. VAT £83.94 Inc. VAT

Place Value Abacus Set

Product Code: MP34071
£99.95 Ex. VAT £119.94 Inc. VAT

Plastic Number Rods

Product Code: NM36200
From: £23.50 Ex. VAT From: £28.20 Inc. VAT

Ruler Number Lines Set

Product Code: ML25037
£44.95 Ex. VAT £53.94 Inc. VAT

Walk-On Number Line 1-20

Product Code: ML25076
£55.95 Ex. VAT £67.14 Inc. VAT


Our lovely range of number products are certain to appeal to all youngsters.  Our bright and colourful items will make a welcome addition to any maths learning space.

We have a wide variety of products that will reinforce the concept of number recognition.  They are the perfect teaching aid for you to bring to the classroom.  Whether it is a number line, rhymes or counting beads, your children are certain to love these challenges.  The fun nature takes any worry or stress away from learning.  Children will love to find specific numbers on a colourful line or carpet.  They will enjoy matching and counting spots on dominoes.  Our activities and games are fun and exciting.  You will find your children eager and keen to play with and succeed in the challenges presented.

Our aim is to provide teaching aids that will bring a subject to life and engage your children.  You will certainly find this with our range of toys and games.