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Garden Trolleys

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Outdoor Busy Beavers Bench

Product Code: FO65003
£455.00 Ex. VAT £546.00 Inc. VAT

Garden Planter Trolley

Product Code: GN45026
£289.95 Ex. VAT £347.94 Inc. VAT

School Garden Planting Trolley

Product Code: GN45025
£499.95 Ex. VAT £599.94 Inc. VAT

Medium Garden Trolley

Product Code: GN45027
£368.95 Ex. VAT £442.74 Inc. VAT

Gardening Trolleys

Gardening Trolleys are highly useful.  They are great for storing gardening tools and other pieces of equipment, for example plant tags, gloves and plant pots. In fact, anything the children may need as they dig, sow, water and grow their seeds and young flowers.

Why is gardening so important for children?

Gardening is important for children because it teaches them where their food comes from and about the benefits of healthy eating. children watch too much television and enjoy computer games. Bringing children outside into the fresh air provides exercise but is also educational. Gardening enforces what is learnt in the classroom in terms of a plant growth cycle and the fruits and vegetables that once grown, can be eaten.

Will children plant flower seeds to cut? Or will they grow vegetables? Or maybe they will plant a young sapling in the school garden. Whatever the child plants they derive satisfaction, thrill and pleasure from watching the seeds grow.

The need for the humble gardening trolley

The gardening trolleys is ideal for children because they can stock it with the items they need for gardening. For example it may be a trowel, a fork or some compost? They may need plant pots, gardening gloves or a gardening apron.

Mobile and versatile, gardening trolleys are an essential piece of outdoor gardening equipment. They also allow children to take care and ownership of the gardening equipment. keeping their tools and equipment together instils good housekeeping habits and ensures a tidy environment.