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PE Storage

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Large Wire Storage Basket

Product Code: SS26018
£129.95 Ex. VAT £155.94 Inc. VAT

Multi Purpose Equipment Trolley

Product Code: SS19239
£239.95 Ex. VAT £287.94 Inc. VAT

PE Storage Trolley

Product Code: SS19093
£239.95 Ex. VAT £287.94 Inc. VAT

Storage Bins – Pk 3

Product Code: SS29079
£179.95 Ex. VAT £215.94 Inc. VAT

PE Multi Resource Storage Trolley

Product Code: SS19246
£359.95 Ex. VAT £431.94 Inc. VAT

PE Storage

Our PE Storage range features products which will keep all of your PE resources together.  There is nothing worse than having missing parts or equipment when you want to teach a lesson.  When you keep your items together this in unlikely to happen.

Moreover, when your children have a clear idea of where to return items after they have finished there is even less chance of resources disappearing.  In addition, by giving your children structure and clear instructions you are providing a sense of ownership over the equipment.  All this creates a positive atmosphere and gives your children pride in their equipment.

Most of our storage solutions are mobile which means that you can easily transport equipment between a storage area and using them.  Most are wire mesh which means that you can easily see the contents of the trolleys or bins and you can ensure you have the correct equipment.

Whatever your requirements for PE storage, we have high quality solutions which are varied enough to have something to suit your requirements.