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School Gardening Equipment

Providing children with a range of school gardening equipment enables children to experiment. They can take their time choosing what they would like to try as they experiment and play in the garden.

Encouraging children to get outside and play has huge benefits, both mentally and physically. Add to that the joy children experience when they begin to see the seeds they have planted grow. This develops in them a sense of pride and achievement. Many children find working within the confines of a classroom difficult so it is important they are offered the opportunity work and learn outside.

Gardening brings so many benefits:

  • calming and therapeutic for all children
  • sense of purpose by planting and nurturing seeds and young plants
  • achievement and pride when plants begin to grow
  • allows for cooperative learning as well as individual play
  • promotes an appreciation and understanding of how plants and some food types grow

Encouraging children to grow their own vegetables and even certain types of fruit has the benefit of bringing in other aspects of the school curriculum. Particularly in relation to science in terms of what plants need to thrive but also in making healthy food choices. Children develop a greater respect and appreciation for food when they learn and understand where it has come from and what it needs to grow.

This range of school gardening equipment includes gardening tools, perfect for young hands, planters and garden trolleys. The trolleys make transporting heavy soil or other pieces of essential gardening equipment easy. The planters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes allowing children to choose their own and be responsible for what grows within it.