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Levers, Pulleys and Gears

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Gears Super Set -150

Product Code: EX74004
£59.95 Ex. VAT £71.94 Inc. VAT

Gears Dizzy Fun Land

Product Code: EX74007
£59.95 Ex. VAT £71.94 Inc. VAT

Gears Wacky Wigglers Motorised

Product Code: EX74008
£59.95 Ex. VAT £71.94 Inc. VAT

Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights and Action Building Set

Product Code: EX74009
£69.95 Ex. VAT £83.94 Inc. VAT

Gears Build and Bloom

Product Code: EX74010
£45.95 Ex. VAT £55.14 Inc. VAT

Giant Gears 14 Piece

Product Code: EX19139
£299.95 Ex. VAT £359.94 Inc. VAT

Levers, Pulleys and Gears

Levers, pulleys and gears is the ideal way to explain cause and effect to your primary children.  Our range includes items which your children can set up in multiple ways.  A world of discovery awaits with our brightly coloured and durable range.

Your children will love experimenting with what happens when gears are turned in different directions.  Watch their fascination as the additional items such as mouths or flowers move when they turn something far away.

Children are extremely curious creatures and these toys will provide hours of fun as they figure out how to change the sets around to different effect.

In addition to their observational and reporting skills, your children will have to engage their fine motor skills to accurately place the sets.

These sets are strong, durable and will certainly provide great fun for your young scientists.