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Active Play & Outdoor Resources

Active Play & Outdoor Resources

Encouraging children to get involved in outdoor play brings so many benefits. It is good for their health not just physically but also mentally. Spending time outside clears the mind and helps to relieve stress and pressure that may have built up inside the classroom.  Being outside also provides the perfect platform in which children can run and play and use up their endless supply of energy.

Positive benefits of being outside:

  • provides exercise for children of all ages
  • allows children to enjoy fresh air
  • children can enjoy downtime with their friends
  • being outdoors stimulates body and mind
  • gives children the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of nature

Just by being outside children will thrive. Yet by offering them a wide range of outdoor resources their time spent outside can be varied and engaging. For example, there are products which have been developed specifically to help children get close to nature. There are child sized gardening products, bean bags and cushions perfect for outdoor use ensuring children are comfortable when seated outside.

Tents, playhouses and dens are long standing classic pieces of outdoor play equipment for children. They are an outdoor resource which allow children the opportunity to either be by themselves or with their friends.

So encouraging active play in children keeps them fit and healthy in mind and body. Instilling an active lifestyle early on helps to promote an awareness in children of how important it is to look after themselves. Active play and providing the outdoor resources to encourage children to stay active brings into play the lessons learnt in the classroom about making healthy life choices.