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Classroom Storage

Classroom Storage

For most teachers, classroom storage is crucial to maintaining an organised and productive learning environment, especially with the increased class sizes in modern schools and the wealth of learning materials that go part and parcel with the schooling of young children in the 21st century.

Yet classroom storage solutions don’t just have to be bland wooden stock cupboards or plastic boxes, stacked two or three high. While such items are useful and can have a place within the classroom, classrooms these days have as sense of the personality of both the teacher and the students they teach. Being surrounded by pieces of furniture that are both eye catching yet highly functional can have a huge effect of the learning abilities on your class.

Classroom storage is a must, so everything you require for the days learning is quickly accessible yet can be stored away securely and safely at the end of the day. Choosing the right storage for your classroom or nursery setting is key, which is why we have a hugely diverse range of options for you to consider.

Our classroom storage range includes a large variety of Tray Storage Units, Plastic Storage Draws, Storage Bins, and Storage Units with Wicker baskets. The SSS (safe, Sturdy Storage) range sets the standard in terms of quality, safety and design and as far as practical eliminates any protruding corners whilst further enhancing the usability of the items by creating recessed unit top play areas making this range the perfect classroom furniture range. Manufactured from a new lighter colour 16mm Beech Faced MFC, the new large curved front edges have a 2mm ABS edge whilst the remaining corners will have a 1mm ABS edge.

Our classroom tidies are a great way to encourage younger children to tidy up their things after they have completed an exercise. Great for teaching early housekeeping skills but it also instils in children feelings of confidence and raised self-esteem when they are praised for their efforts in helping to keep the classroom tidy.

Edusentials offer a wealth of options for all your classroom storage needs, allowing you to concentrate of providing first class education and fun and interesting classes, in a safe and tidy environment.


All of our products are carefully screened to make they are of the upmost build quality and suitability for busy classrooms.