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Portable Sinks

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Mobile Sink Unit

Product Code: EW19176
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Portable Sink Unit – 40 Wash

Product Code: AW84002
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Kiddiwash Portable Sink Unit

Product Code: AW84001
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Portable Sinks

It is never too early to teach children about washing their hands and the benefit of hygiene. Portable Sinks offer the perfect opportunity to do this. Designed for the smallest hands it is the ideal solution when the bathroom sinks are not close to hand. The taps on the portable sink are easy to flip for the smallest hands. It provides a steady flow of warm water for the children to independently learn to wash their hands. The Kiddiwash portable sink is perfect for use during messy play. It is also mobile so can even be taken outside. In fact, by taking it outside children can wash their hands at regular intervals while they play.

Portable Sinks are made using the latest moulding techniques. Manufactured from high impact polyethylene, each product within this range is built to withstand the knocks and bumps of a busy school environment. All the units in this range are portable, so for example, they can be moved between classrooms.

Not only are these sinks useful, they play a vital role in minimising the spread of germs and bugs. Regular hand washing has huge personal hygiene benefits. Bugs and germs are not so easily transferred. And for children, they learn the importance of washing their hands and how by doing this germs are not spread.

The sinks are bright and colourful. They are easy to refill and their specific function allows children to quickly understand how and why to use them. They are a must for any early years setting.