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Soft Furnishing

Soft Furnishing

The use of Soft Furnishings in a classroom can set the tone for learning and define your classroom or nursery space.  We carry a huge range of classroom carpets, children’s bean bags and school and nursery cushions.

Classroom Carpets

Our classroom carpets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  They are perfect for use in any classroom or nursery setting.  You can use them to define spaces such as reading corners, provide placement for your children or simply to soften a space to make it warm and inviting.  Our alphabet rugs and number carpets are useful for curriculum enhancement.  In addition, there are placement options in both ranges.

We have some stunning play mats for your children to learn, communicate and socialise with their peers.  Their imaginations can run riot as they create small worlds on these mats.

We offer runner carpets, entrance mats and even outdoor play mats for when you want to take your learning and play outside.  Classroom carpets are more than just a surface to sit on.  They educate, provide fun and define spaces.

Children’s Bean Bags

Classroom Bean Bags are always a fun place to sit, read a book or just relax.  We carry a wide variety of bean bags ranging from nature, outdoor, cube seats, leatherette to sensory bean bags.  Bean Bags offer support for a child’s body to sink into and relax.  They create a quiet haven in an often busy classroom or nursery environment.  They are both comfy and versatile.  Being portable they offer moveable seating and also come in a wide choice of colours, shapes and sizes.

School and Nursery Cushions

Our school and nursery cushions come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  Cushions bring vibrance and colour to your setting.  We have a huge range of nature cushions.  Our cushion packs come in a variety of theme and many feature storage.  We even have cushion trolleys which have numerous design options.  Whether you are looking for a world flag cushion set, indoor/outdoor mats or alphabet square cushions we have something to suit your requirements.