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Outdoor Seating for Schools

Outdoor Seating for Schools

Providing Outdoor Seating options for children is vital because they prolong the amount of time children will want to spend outdoors.

The majority of children love being outside. Free from the confines of the classroom they enjoy being outside in the fresh air playing with their friends. Being in the playground allows them to expel energy and enjoy playing freely without any restrictions to classroom learning.

However, they still need to somewhere to sit down and relax. They may wish to sit quietly by themselves with their own thoughts or a good book. They may sit with their friends to chat or just need somewhere to catch their breath.

A choice of seating options to choose from:

  • fabric seats provide comfort and colour to outdoor learning
  • plastic seats add a splash of colour and interest in their design
  • wooden seats are traditional yet fun and engaging in design

There are a range of outdoor seating options to choose from within this section. the plastic seating range includes benches and seats which can be either freestanding or wall mounted. Available in a choice of sizes they are bright and colourful and be installed in unusual and creative ways.

The fabric outdoor seating range is particularly suitable for younger children and there is a choice of designs and sizes to choose from.

The range of wooden outdoor seating includes fantastic story telling chairs. beautifully engraved they inspire story telling by adults and children alike whether from a book or from their imagination. Wooden benches and story telling sets which allow a group of children to sit together complete this range. Why not browse the full range of Outdoor Seating for Schools.