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Classroom Clock Kit

Product Code: CM74026
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Dual Power Timers – Pk 30

Product Code: CS34095
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Simple Stopwatch – Set of 6

Product Code: CM74024
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Time Dry Erase Boards – Pk 30

Product Code: MD62012
£39.99 Ex. VAT £47.99 Inc. VAT


Children love to play with time resources.  A classroom clock is most exciting as youngsters explore and learn how the hands move.  For many children, a digital clock is the norm.  Most modern houses have clocks on their technology which are all digital.  Microwaves, computers and white goods all have digital clocks.  An analogue clock is both unfamiliar and intriguing.  Our resources familiarise your children with the concept of both digital and analogue time.  You will be able to use them to play many exciting games to engage your children.

Your children will love learning about minutes, hours, days and so on.  It is an important concept for youngsters to take into later life.  Time-keeping is an essential skill.  At high school children will need to get themselves there promptly.  The same applies for work.  When we teach youngsters to use a digital or analogue clock, we are arming them with important skills.

You can use our different resources in a range of exciting ways.  They can time themselves completing an activity and challenge themselves to beat their personal best.  They can complete a dry wipe board to set times for lunch or home.  Our classroom clock set provides individual clocks for your children to excitedly set a desired time and you to show the answer on the larger demonstration clock.

Our range is certain to appeal to youngsters and leave them well equipped and feeling confident that they have mastered a new and crucial skill.