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Nursery Equipment

Nursery Equipment

The nursery is where the majority of babies spend their formative years. It is important therefore that a nursery is filled with a range of nursery equipment and nursery supplies. Nursery Equipment such as change units for babies, cots and high chairs provide the basic needs for care.  but also offer you a range of toys to stimulate, engage and support a baby’s development.

We have put together a shortlist of things every nursery should have in place for the hygiene and safety of the babies in their care.

  • Baby Change Units
  • Safety gates
  • Nursery radiator covers

Change units for babies allow you to safely clean and change the baby’s nappy.  Safety gates provide effective movement control for toddlers. Gates prevent them from exploring places you don’t want them to. Toddlers are inquisitive and love to explore. A safety gate keeps them safe.

Nursery radiator covers are absolutely essential to prevent a child from a burn injury. A padded, fire retardant radiator cover will protect children from burns and bumps.

All of our safety gates and radiator covers for nurseries can be located in our Nursery Safety Equipment Product range.

Another top idea for your nursery room is nursery room dividers. Room dividers for nursery classrooms can easily help you divide and define areas within your room.

No nursery can be without toys. But there are toys and there are specialised development toys. Our range of specialised nursery toys stimulates children’s minds and co-ordination.

  • stimulate and engage a baby’s mind
  • develop hand to eye coordination
  • manipulative toys support the exploration of their world
  • encourage confidence and promote independence

Our nursery equipment also include a wide range of other toys such as treasure baskets, baby activity toys, play pens and baby ride on toys.

Early exploration

Edusentials’ nursery toys include a range safe for engendering early exploration for little fingers.  Such toys allow children to explore their world. Additionally, they help develop early hand to eye co-ordination as well as manual dexterity skills.

So whatever kind of nursery equipment or nursery supplies you are looking for, feel free to browse our pages.